Top 50 Comedies Since 2000

This summer, Pat discovered and shared among the Dollar Theater Podcast crew an article from the AV Club, featuring a ranking of their top 50 comedies since 2000. We were PERSONALLY offended by how terrible their list was, and we realized rectification was necessary.

As it just so happens, the state of comedy in contemporary Hollywood is a common topic of conversation for us (mainly when the microphones are OFF), so we figured it would be a valuable exercise to consider the merits of 21st century comedy with our OWN list.

Each of us privately concocted a top-25 ranking of the best comedies since the year 2000. With uncharacteristic liberality, we agreed that ANY movie could qualify for our lists, not just “dollar comedies.” Then we synthesized our individual lists into one master list of the top 50 comedies since 2000.

In the coming weeks, we’ll reveal for the masses our top 50 ranking, so stay tuned!



1 comment for “Top 50 Comedies Since 2000

  1. Dan
    August 24, 2016 at 7:35 pm

    It’s “Buggggggg” or bust!

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