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#13: Best of 2013

We review the best of 2013’s dollar movies in all of the important categories. Best death Best actor Best actress Best one-liner Best cameo Best picture Play in new window | Download

#12: We’re the Millers / RV

The Dollar Theater reviews the family road trip movies “We’re the Millers” and “RV”. Scotty P, superstar of “We’re the Millers” Play in new window | Download

#10: Movie 43 / Kingpin

Is there anything redeeming in Movie 43? Is Kingpin a worthy follow-up to Dumb & Dumber? Bill Murray was never better Big Ern’s MILF charity commercial One of two (maybe) redeemable skits from Movie 43 – Basketball Play in…

#8: The Heat / Demolition Man

Tying in with Sandra Bullock’s 2013 smash-hit “The Heat”, we also discuss 1993’s “Demolition Man”. Show Notes The Heat Demolition Man How to use the three seashells for potty breaks Play in new window | Download