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#25: The Loft and The Skulls

Films about two nefarious secret groups are reviewed by the The Dollar Theater, 2015’s “The Loft” and 2000’s “The Skulls”. One of them is great, one is terrible. Can you guess which one is which? Play in new window…

#20 Snowpiercer and Unstoppable

We review the snowpocalypse train thriller “Snowpiercer” and the capitalism-run-amok train thriller “Unstoppable”.   Show Notes The Langoliers trailer (wow!) Age of Miracles Unstoppable – train is capitalism Evidence of train is capitalism? Play in new window | Download

#19: Godzillas

Show notes. Puff Daddy ft. Jimmy Page – Come With Me Music Video Taco Bell Godzilla Commercial ft. the Taco Bell chihuahua Play in new window | Download

#17: Robocops

Show notes. Birdman actually directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu Tony on Birdman: “I will not see it.” “You just cant go around killing people!” “Why?” You’re fired! Dick shot! Corporate guy getting obliterated On Deadly Ground: 1:00-1:20 Play in…