Author: Dan

#37: The Best of 2016

Join The Dollar Theater crew on this discussion of all things dollar from 2016. We explore the best deaths, one-liners, cameos, actors, actresses and films in dollar cinema. Play in new window | Download

#32: Criminal and Mr. Brooks

For this episode, we explore a couple entries from Kevin Costner’s Dollar filmography: 2016’s “Criminal” and 2007’s classic “Mr. Brooks”. Play in new window | Download

#31: The Definitive Bruce Willis

In one of our occasional episodes discussing which movie best defines an actor, director or genre’s style and influence, we debate the definitive Bruce Willis film. Is it the classic, maybe-best-action-movie-ever “Die Hard” or something else? Play in new…


We know the backdrop to the recent release of “Ghostbusters”: ridiculous internet-fueled fear of *gasp* women being cast in the remake of a beloved film. The only sin here is the existence of a remake, not the composition of its…